Natural Modul

2017, drawings, charcoal on paper

Exhibition view Waldhaus Dolder, Zurich

Exhibition view Waldhaus Dolder, Zurich

Natural Modul, charcoal on paper, 45 × 32 cm each

Natural Module is a series of charcoal stick drawings in which architectural elements, plants and parts of human bodies permeate each other, losing their specific distinguishing features to become intrinsic variations constituting a movement, an immanent flow of life that reveals a heretic world of esoteric, ‘cosmological’ knowledge, a radical metaphysics of monstrorum material, its formless becoming and infinite metamorphoses of the return. The drawings unfold motifs such as the baroque folds, in which every new form is an involution of the previous form, driven by an impersonal force that moves transversally through them. The drawings embody a return of the formless that tell the viewer of the transformative power of the wheel of life in the term of nonorganic anarchē, an existence without archē: principle or origin.(...)
The way the artist treats matter supposes multiple avenues that contain in themselves both the material and immaterial, the organic and inorganic, the immanent and the mythical, the material without distinction from mind and form, the subject matter of discourse and the matter of physical reality. The title Natural Module is an ironic hint to the myth of the term of nature and its perception as the “source of insight and promise of innocence” (Donna Haraway, A Cyborg Manifesto), which ignores the fact that nature is always determined by culture. All the fragments represented in the drawings are formed in one way or other. 

Text: Dimitrina Sevova