Aufzeichnungen aus dem Wunderland

Drawing, charcoal on paper, 200 × 300 cm, animated slide projection, 4:3, sound, b/w, Loop 4 min 54 sec, broadcaster: Olivia Stutz
Photograph: Fabio Schmieder

Exhibition view Sihlquai55 Zurich, 2014

Detail view

Filmstills, animated slide projection

Aufzeichnungen aus dem Wunderland is a reference to the famous novel «Alice‘s Adventures in Wonderland». The work is composed of a large drawing of Wunderland and an animated slide projection with audio, in which a young woman tells the viewer how she is discovering the strange land. The work was displayed during the exhibition Bulles – In Blasen sprechen at Sihlquai55 in Zurich, 2014, curated by Julia Marti and Milva Stutz. The artists included in the exhibition were: Marc Bauer, Julia Marti, Anja Peter, Niklaus Rüegg, Bertold Stallmach, Milva Stutz.