Breaking News

Julia Marti/Milva Stutz, 2014/15
2 channel animation, 2:3, without sound, b/w, loop 4 min 59 sec,
newspaper, 44 pages, b/w, without text, edition: 2000
Photograph: Monica Tarocco

Exhibition view Fumetto Lucerne, 2015

Breaking News II, Exhibition view Art Re_Flex Gallery Saint Petersburg, 2015

Milva Stutz, Breaking News, 2014/15, charcoal on paper, 32 × 45 cm each

Breaking News (Julia Marti/Milva Stutz) was developed during Pas de Deux, a collaborative project between Russian and Swiss artists, promoted by Pro Helvetia. A first exhibition was presented at the Fumetto Festival in Lucerne and a second exhibition during the Boom Festival in Saint Petersburg. Breaking News intended to question the portrayal of Russia in Switzerland and vice versa, while also raising more general questions concerning the representation of other cultural realities. For the first exhibition in Lucerne, we developed a 2-channel animated film, while for Saint Petersburg we used the drawings from the film to print a newspaper, which the visitors could take for free.