My Dear Lover

2019, animated short film, 09:57 min, 16:9, color, sound


New My Dear Lover tells of a figure's yearning for touch and the impossibility of bringing that about. While one hand is trying to get into contact with the surface of an amorphous body, a voice in the off is reading a love letter. The longed for lover might well stand for an imaginary body, upon which insecurities around human / non-human as well as digital / analogue relationships are played out.

Written, directed and edited by Milva Stutz
3D Animation: Quaint - Sandro Lochau & Alessandro Holler
Stop-Motion Animation: Milva Stutz
Voice: Nathalie Stirnimann
Sounddesign & Mastering: Roland Widmer, Zentralton
Text translation: Sophie Jung
Postproduction Support: William Crook